Happy New Year Fellow Nigerians

2018 was a great year for our wonderful Union. We did accomplished a lot together. We enjoyed a lot together and most of our annual events were taken to the next level. We are grateful for your participation, especially during the independence celebration and our summer camp.

We have lots of words but all of them together cannot fully express our sentiment of gratitude to you and to God for walking with us all the way.

We enter 2019 with message of peace, unity and love for every NUV member, our friends and friends and families of our friends. Above all we hope for progress and prosperity .

As usual, we have lots of activities to enjoy this year and in due time we will be communicated in regard to what comes when.

As we walk this 365 days, we pray the Lord almighty to guide us step by step, one day at a time until we make it to the end of the year with lots of love and happiness.

Happy and Prosperous New year From the desk of The Nigerian Union Västmanland.

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