NUV Women’s Day 2018



6 years is what it took us to fine-tune one of the most important branches of our Union – The women branch.

Good people of Nigeria, we the executive in partnership with Råby Kooperativ, Studierförbundet and Västerås stad wish to warmly invite you to the first ever NUV women Day celebration, which comes on March 17 2018.

This day is significant in that it is both the day of inauguration and full scale celebration of our women and the extraordinary role they have been playing in the life of the union since its creation.

Suffice it to say that NUV women have been the secret vital force behind all our achievements as a union and the event of this day is meant to shoot them to the sky like a shooting star so that what they do from behind the scene they will effect before it.
It might seem like they were forgotten, no. On the contrary, we refused to lunch this section unless it is ready and today, it is ready.

The NUV women wing among other things is from today going to be the force behind teaching our kids the rule of law according to the laws of the land while not compromising our heritage. Of course, the society as we know it is “the family writ large.” Among the roles of this beautiful section of our union, also, is teaching our kids what it means to be  Nigerians in Sweden. Of course because the idea is new, there is bound to be mistakes but we have the determination to continue working until we become the best face of African women here in Västerås  and all over the world.

Among the subjects of discussion that day are: Child discipline, Time management, Health, proper hygiene and others. The day or this event will also serve as a meeting point for our women to discuss their experience and life in Sweden.

There is no need opening the whole package when you have the chance to be part of the opening.
Because of that, we invite all of us to come and be part of this grandstanding event so that as history is being made today, all of us both Nigerians and our friends will enjoy that privilege of being Pioneer members.
As we pray for your journey mercy when you come, we expect that the best will happen and we all will together be part of it.

More blessings to you all

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