How to become a member

Membership is open to all Nigerians and friends of Nigerians irrespective of political inclination, race, colour, marital status, age, tribe, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic background.

There is membership card which is renewed yearly by all members and it is obtained by all members both old and new. A new member shall complete and sign a membership form and pay his or her annual due (150 kronor).

Nigerian Union Vastmanland Bank Account – Plusgiro: 656288–8, Nordea bank

New members, after applying for membership, shall have 30 days consideration period for the executive community to accept his or her membership. Within this period, the new member has no right to vote or contest election.

Any member shall cease to be a full member once he or she fails to pay the annual dues and renew the membership card. A reminder shall only be sent to him or her once by the secretary.

A member shall only renounce his or her membership in writing.

Membership fees shall be subject to discussions during the annual general meeting (General assembly meeting).

Rights of Members:

1. To participate in all general meetings of the union.
2. To vote and eligible to be voted for.
3. To express his/her own views and ideas during a general meeting
4. Members are to be fully supported when fighting a just cause in the courts or any agency of authority

Withdrawal of Membership:

1. Only through a written application of withdrawal
2. The application of withdrawal must reach the union at least two months to the intending time of withdrawal
3. The application of withdrawal can only be considered or approved after the member has submitted or returned all the unions property in his/her disposal/care.

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