General Meeting 2017

Brother and sisters, tomorrow is the day we dedicated for our general meeting for the year 2017.

As we all know, our general meeting is the major forum for relaying to all the members what and how the actions of the executive are keeping the union going strong. In return the executive seek the opinion of every member on ways forward.

This mutual mind rubbing has been our guiding principle since the union was founded and we have no intention of changing the method. Of course we are open to any suggestion on how to make it better.

It might interest you all to know that the executive implemented every single suggestion from the members during the last general meeting, one of them being electing the women leader.

Just as that and many other implemented proposals were a huge success, we hope to enjoy such generosity of opinions again this year. Please feel free to give your suggestion.

As you come and go may the divine providence lead your way.


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