2018 NUV Summer Excursion.

WELCOME TO SUMMER WONDERFUL PEOPLE. For the past four years the NUV have welcomed summer with some titillating excursions. Pleasant as each of the visits had been, we have not been trilled so much so as to have a second visit except this year. Yes! For the first time we have having a second visit to one of our excursion Read More →

NUV Women’s Day 2018

  6 years is what it took us to fine-tune one of the most important branches of our Union – The women branch. Good people of Nigeria, we the executive in partnership with Råby Kooperativ, Studierförbundet and Västerås stad wish to warmly invite you to the first ever NUV women Day celebration, which comes on March 17 2018. This day is significant in Read More →

General Meeting 2017

Brother and sisters, tomorrow is the day we dedicated for our general meeting for the year 2017. As we all know, our general meeting is the major forum for relaying to all the members what and how the actions of the executive are keeping the union going strong. In return the executive seek the opinion of every member on ways Read More →

Independence 2017

With pride and gratitude to God in whose light we have experienced unimaginable favors for our members and families we present to you this year’s independence celebration. As has been the case over the years, we are celebrating Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, Nigerian fashion and of course we care celebrating the good people of Nigeria, who, despite all challenges have Read More →

Message from the embassy (Passport Applications)

There are new directives as regards passport application. The embassy wishes to advice passport applicants to apply for the 64 paged version as against the 32 paged version for the time being. The date for the 32 version to be available is not yet known but will be communicated as at when available. Do click here to read further details.

Norrköping Zoo and Safari Trip As it happened!

There is no word to describe the excitement of this adventurous trip to Kolmården Wildlife Park. The Nigerian Union Västmanland planned the 2016 midsummer activity to educate the children on the varieties of wildlife animals and to show the importance of preserving nature in its wildest form. The 2 day journey started at the Mälardalen University, Västerås parking lot with Read More →