About Us

The Nigerian Union Västmanland (NUV) was established in July 2012 and is a non–profit and non–political organization as well as religiously neutral. The Nigerian Union Vastmanland head office is situated in Västerås, the capital of Vastmanland County and has its branches across all Västmanland cities and as well as outside Västmanland such as Orebro and Enköping.

Nigerian Union Vastmanland is an open association that welcomes not only Nigerians but non Nigerians as well; especially those who are interested in becoming members.  This is allowed in order to showcase culture and traditions dynamism. Furthermore, NUV is an organization that allows integration in all ways including from Swedish culture to Nigerian culture as well as our non-Nigerian members’ cultures. We learn Swedish culture through our Swedish members and as well teach our culture to Swedish through seminars and some educative events and programs.

The main mission of the NUV is to meet the needs of members in Västmanland, and to educate the people of Västmanland about Nigerian and African culture since the Union is flexible and embrace other interested African members as explained above. The Union provides supports to all members and also has togetherness as its core priority.

The Aims and Objectives of NUV:

  1. To promote unity, solidarity, cohesion and cooperation among the people of Nigeria living in Sweden.
  2. To unite all Nigerians in Västmanland and its environs
  3. To maintain and propagate the good image of Nigeria in Sweden.
  4. To affirm our common identity to provide a unique framework for our collective action in relations with the people in Sweden.
  5. Accelerate the political and socio–economic integration of our Country through the promotion of good governance, peace, security and stability.
  6. To promote social activities such as sports and cultural activities.
  7. To impact on our children the Nigeria /Swedish cultures and history.
  8. To offer practical orientation and advice to newly arrived Nigerians
  9. To promote cultural performance, exhibitions of dresses, foods and organizing a befitting Nigerian day at least once a year