2018 NUV Summer Excursion.


For the past four years the NUV have welcomed summer with some titillating excursions. Pleasant as each of the visits had been, we have not been trilled so much so as to have a second visit except this year.

Yes! For the first time we have having a second visit to one of our excursion location. You might wonder where this is and why it is so interesting to go there instead of making new discoveries. Here is your answer.

The place in question is Norköping international Zoo. NUV chose to add the term international because of all the places we have been, zoos inclusive, none have matched the quality of service as well as the quality of enjoyment we had at Norköping two years ago. In fact, we were compelled by our sincere spirit of sharing to repeat the event so that those who had not the opportunity to enjoy the glory we did enjoy will be part of it this time.  After all, what are we family for?

Nature of Event as Planned

  • This is a two-day event from 22nd to 23rd
  • The fees are greatly subsidized. Included in the subsidized cost are Zoo entrance, Hostel, Food and Transport.
  • There is a general barbecue and mingling with all the Union members on Friday Evening
  • Finally, is the zoo seeing.

All of these put together will make the whole events a one-of.

Now you know where we are going but one more thing is left. Why?

  • The love of travelling together by cars.
  • Love of togetherness.
  • Celebration of Mid-summer holiday.
  • To visit more beautiful places in Sweden.
  • Teaching our children, the love of being together.

In as much as we want to go on giving you a glimps into this beautiful reality,  we wish to draw your interest to an Igbo proverb that says, “There is no need to make a whole on a package you are going to open anyway”.

Be that as it may, we hope and wish everyone a happy summer while waiting for the D-day.

God bless you all


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