Midsummer “Furuvik Parken” Adventure 2017.
NUV Football Fiesta 2017
NUV Children’s Day 2017

NUV Joint Tennis Competition as it happened

Cross section of NUV JTC participantsNigerian Union in joint gesture co-hosted a marvelous table tennis competition with Ghana and Burundi. Being the first of its kind only in paper, every other thing about the competition vastly indicated a partnership that will bring many positives in future. The opening remark was given by the chairman of the event planning committee who Read More →



Nigeiran Union sweden

  The Nigerian Union Västmanland (NUV) website serves as a supplementary step to provide good communication to Nigerians residing in  Västerås and in all Västmanland Counties, Sweden as a whole. The union keeps members and friends of Nigerians informed of Nigerian culture, events and activities that provide for their diverse interests, as well as create a wider possibility for collective Read More →