NUV Football Fiesta 2017

NUV Football Fiesta 2017

Today, the NUV celebrated another state of the heart Tournament a.k.a (Football Fiesta). Anyone who has come to this event, which has been celebrated 3 years in a row, will know that, not only have we our eyes on something higher in future but also we are stating a standard only we can break.

The two previous years of this event have produced two different champions in the name of Nigeria and Afghanistan respectively; however, this year’s tournament is so significant in that every aspect of the preparation as well as the tournament itself is scaled up.

Nigerian Footballers

In addition, we had eight participating countries this year. Of course, it would have been 18 countries if we had accepted the request of 10 additional countries that wanted to be part of it. In fact, we wish to use this opportunity to say sorry one more time for not being able to create an opportunity for them to be part of this great day.

In case you were not there, the teams that participated were grouped into two quarter final groups with each group being made up of four countries. At the end of the quarter final stages, winners of one group plays the runners up of the other group in the semi-finals.  At the end of it all, Nigeria and Afghanistan played the finals whereas Orion and Somalia played for the third place.

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Interestingly, these two countries (Nigeria and Afghanistan) have played at the finals of the entire three tournament seasons, with Nigeria taking the upper hand  twice including today 2017-07-29 the day of NIGERIAN UNION football Fiesta 2017.

We usually request our guests to give us helpful assessments  and make recommendation after every of our activities and the responses have been simply magnanimous.

We thank everyone who contributed in one way or another to make the day great most especially Västerås Stad Kulturnämnde and the owners and staff of ICA Vallby who provided us with assorted types of fruit for the guests. Our unalloyed thanks also are with the executive of NUV who, despite been very busy with their daily stuffs organized an event that could match any international FIFA and cultural event. In different capacity, each according to his or her ability came together to give us an event no one can deny a place in history.

On the side of the participating teams; everyone was so gracious even those that lost earlier. The accolade from the guest teams is motivating us to go even higher in our preparation next for year and we can hardly hide the fact that we are enjoying the moment. As per the cultural integration aspect of this event the experience unequivocally immeasurable. That is what you see when culture mixes with sports in the most healthy fashion.

There were many other guest both officially invited and those who came because they saw our adverts. We are generally humbled by your sign of love and appreciation and we want to say, thank you for coming and for all the good words you are showering us with.

There are many pluses and almost no minus. One of the pluses we cannot forget is the population. Even though it is not a record breaker, it was so overwhelmingly wonderful that no mention of it will account to a disservice. In fact We could not have asked for more.

As the cotton is drawn this year for this event, we thank everyone that has been part of it in any way and promise to better our best by next year. Just keep your ears on the ground and I promise you will hear it coming.

More blessings to you all and May God make the best in all of you to flourish

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