NUV Football fiesta 2017. One Show in the Town.

Date : July 29 2017
Venue : Vallby IP, Vallby Västerås
What started like a simple idea has surreptitiously snowballed into a mega annual event. Yes! The NUV Annual Football Fiesta is having its uninterrupted 3 years celebration after its debut. Just as you could guess, each year’s experienced has been able to eclipse the experience of the year before it and this year’s offers nothing less.

From among 18 teams that applied to participate, eight teams were given the green light on the first come first serve principle. In fact, at a point, the chief organizers from NUV were almost forced to convert the event from that of one day to that of two days. However that would have meant moving the goalpost at the middle of the game since we had not prior plan in such regard.
In order not hype your expectations, we wish to categorically tell you that this year’s Nigerian Union Football Fiesta will be one-off.

NUV Football Fiesta 2017 Participating Teams
Nigerian Union Football Fiesta 2017 PosterFor all the invitees we wish you a safe journey and fair play during and after the event and for every other guest of the day, we hope that we put up a befitting game to entertain your longings.
See you at the Venue (Vallby IP Vasteras) on the 29th of July 2017.
We cannot promise you whether it will be fun or not because that you will find out yourself. However, we promise you that it will be interesting.

Come en masse to share our culture in togetherness.

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