NUV Children’s Day Event 28th May 2016


Nigerian Union Västmanland Children's day celebration 2016

Children are so important to NUV in all ways that is why the Union always recognise their days and as well create valuable activities for them in other to make them happy and to teach them how  good  their traditions and cultural backgrounds are . Furthermore, it is also one of the main Union’s objectives to impact on our children the Nigeria /Swedish cultures and history. We vividly believe that they are the future of our country and NUV as well as the future of our partnership with the Swedish community.

The children’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world to honour the children globally, however NUV adopted 27th May, which is the day Children are celebrated in Nigeria our home land. This year’s NUV children’s day is the first of its kind and was held the 28th of May 2016.

The atmosphere was perfect at Leos Lekland the kids indoor play arena in Vasteras. No one could actually gauge how happy the kids were that day because they met friends that they don’t regularly see or meet due to the busy schedule of their parents and also the place served as an avenue for them to meet each other again and play together.

The program started at 12:30 after the Union activities Manager had gathered all the kids together to pay their entrance fees which the Union subsidized from 140krono to just 50krono.The Union made this affordable so that our kids could enjoy their day without any hindrance.  This gesture was so enticing that kids from different origins or countries than Nigeria, Ghana, Sweden and Lithuania took part in Children’s Day event. The total of 19 kids was recorded.

They day was the day of happiness for both the kids and their parents because as the kids were enjoying playing with leos lekland kids’ standard facilities the fathers also engaged themselves in playing table tennis upstairs and that simply means parents shared in the happiness of the children’s day event created by Nigerian Union Vastmanland (NUV).

Until we meet again next year to celebrate the same event in a bigger and different style, NUV is using this medium to say HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY TO ALL OUR KIDS.


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