Norrköping Zoo and Safari Trip As it happened!


There is no word to describe the excitement of this adventurous trip to Kolmården Wildlife Park. The Nigerian Union Västmanland planned the 2016 midsummer activity to educate the children on the varieties of wildlife animals and to show the importance of preserving nature in its wildest form. The 2 day journey started at the Mälardalen University, Västerås parking lot with 32 people including kids traveling all the way to eastern part of Sweden in over 2 hrs drive in the sunny day of midsummer eve.


The exciting adventure started on the first day as people lodged at Norrköping camping lounge, a hostel with green expanse of land, cozy and accommodating and also relaxing for kids. The kids enjoyed the stimulating environment, running around the green field while the adults prepare for the eventful night by making barbecue, fruits and all kind of food to celebrate the midsummer in a frenzy way. The night ended with feasting and dancing around the camp fire while the kids remembered the night with lots of running and catching insects.


The adventure continued on the Midsummer Day at Kolmården Park after almost 30 minutes of driving from Norrköping Camp. The series of sightseeing in the park from Bamse, to recreated desert for the camels and ostrich and Savannah for the lions and a thrilling dolphin show that encapsulate everyone’s interest. Of notes are numerous world-class shows full of laughter, thrills, emotional tension and enthralling performances displayed both by animals and entertainers at the Kolmärden.

The Safari gondola takes spectators to the wild animals at  an incredibly close range in such a way that is not possible in any other wildlife park on earth. Slowly you are being glided weightlessly above the landscape. Listing to the birds singing in the treetops, and watching the bears, moose, giraffes and lions roam below makes obvious every reason why this is acknowledged the best zoo in the entire continent.

The thrilling roller coasters, two rocking ships and cars on rails are additional hot-spots that made the Kolmården worthwhile for the kids and adults alike.

Far from single minded opening, the Zoo and Safari trip carried the trademark of Nigerian union’s event planning ability, which is “making the next activity better than the previous one”. In fact, it is so far the most memorable and meticulous event, NUV have organised. In fact, the faces of some of the kids said it all, as some of them could not hide their feelings while begging for the the trip to be extended to the third day. Some of them went as far as begging to sleep at Kolmården and ride the roller coaster more and more.


Kolmården zoo trip has come and gone for us but the memory will linger forever for the kids and adults that made the midsummer adventure this year.

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