Midsummer “Furuvik Parken” Adventure 2017.

Furuvik 2017 Group Picture
The NUV annual midsummer excursion had come again this year and gone but the memory left is simply a scale-up of experience of the three past years put together. Only someone who was not there could perfectly articulate the general feelings without being over emotionally toned. The reason is because those who were there were not just mesmerized but were dumbfounded by the level of serenity of soul and mind that characterized the entire experience.

The most worthy to mention is the serenity of the environment. The camping houses were spread all over the woods keeping everyone close to nature while enjoying the glories of modernism. Even though we were allocated different accommodations, we can call the other families like a real camp in the days. The ever green nature of the surroundings reminds us about one the things Sweden is rich with – Clean atmosphere.

It would have been a waste of time if we enjoyed such a panorama without anything to keep us outside. That was where grilling came in. Although it was planned that we would grill to create a wide room for socialization, we never knew that grilling would add more colors to an already colored camping. A grill port submitted by one of our members turned a game of enjoyment into a game of gyration.

In fact, we were so spectacular that one of the visitors to the place was videoing us from a drone. Also, the nearby lake was so good that the kids and who care had to run between the grill and the cooling drench of the lake.

It is not as if we were there alone. But our presence brought a point of harmony between the quiet environment and the multitude of people camping there the same time we were. People from other camps were forced by the harmony they saw to come and join us. It was wonderful though expected.

Traveling as a group would have been difficult and expensive had we gone by public transport since the trip was designed for two days. Instead we drove down there on a convoy of eight cars. It was just a scene to behold.

Furuvik Parken in a world is a home from the home. Everything in it and around it is simply homely. No words can wholesomely capture the description than to ask you to click this link to see for yourself.

The Zoo.

It is not just a beautiful environment and camp area that Furuvik Parken has. It also has a beautiful Zoo. We have been to various Zoos and most of the times we saw similar Animals. But this time we saw an additional animals.

The Pick Of the park
Furuvik Water Slide By NUV Adventure seakers

The area has a massive roller coaster park for both adults and kids. In fact, at a point before we left, the kids were asking if we can be coming there every weekend. Adults asked the same questions to the executive of NUV. This is the fourth year in a row we have had midsummer outing but none of us have seen a thing like this closeness to both nature and modernity. Not finished yet.

It would be totally unjust to round off this writing without mentioning the Furuvik park’s Swimming pool experience. Of course there is no one among us who has not been in an ultra-modern Swimming pool but what we saw at Furuvik Parken is not just a swimming pool. It is a resting pool. It is simply magnificent.
Furuvik NUV Swimming Pool Adventure
The Furukvik Paken is not just what you see over the land. No! There is more to the fact that meets the eyes. One of those is a superb old underground military zone or bunker. Even though old age is written of all over the bunker, its military wares are preserved in such a way that you cannot but think that they were just pulled for the battle ground.

It might interest you to know that even though the journey was one of NUV’s annual event, it was undertaken by other countries, who love the way the NUV family does its business. Not to anyone’s surprise, they sang the highest praises not just because they enjoyed the event but also because of the ingenuity of the NUV organizing committee. Needless to ask if they will go again next year because they made it clear that they will follow us even if we want to cruise to the United States of America.

The total number of the adventurists was 38 but the NUV executive has made it clear that we are expecting a huge rise in number of participants to make next year’s journey base on the positive response and superb experience undergone by people this year.

To all of you who went to NUV summer excursion this year we thank you for coming to make the event a memorable one. For those who could not go, we are sorry for what you missed.


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