MAY For the NUV Children’s Day Celebration


Nigerian Union Sweden 2017 children's day celebration

As the world celebrates May Day and the Spring break, the Nigerian Union in Partnership with Råby Kooperativet and the Västerås Stad, and in conjunction with or friends both of African descent and other nationalities celebrate the NUV Children Day.

Children’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world but back home, 27th May is a very big day. Students, Pupils and people from all works of life gather to celebrate the Nigerian Children. The event is usually a medium to showcase the students’ educational, social and cultural life as Children in the multilingual Entity – Nigeria.

NUV is proud to proclaim to everyone that since the year 2016, the Nigerian Children day celebration was inducted into the NUV annual event calendar.  Whereas the event took place at the Leo Lekland at its inauguration, this year’s celebration is quite unique in that case our Children are going to be the entertainers and part of the entertained.

The NUV planning committee have mapped out some titillating activities to make that day eye-catching. We do not know the mind disposition of everyone coming but we are prepared to put a very big WOW and OMG in the mouth of everyone.

We are glad to inform you that this year’s event will take place on the exact day it is celebrated in Nigeria, the 27th May and the Venue is Råby indoor pitch facility hall, Centrum.

Watch out! We will keep you posted.


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