Independence 2017

With pride and gratitude to God in whose light we have experienced unimaginable favors for our members and families we present to you this year’s independence celebration.

As has been the case over the years, we are celebrating Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, Nigerian fashion and of course we care celebrating the good people of Nigeria, who, despite all challenges have stood together.

In this year’s event we are presenting you different talent shows from our kids, we are presenting you the most current Nigerian fashion style; we are presenting you with dance, jokes, riddles, quizzes and many many more.

Among the performing artists who will be electrifying our mood are our own Rashy K and Youngkhalifa.

We have so very much to talk about this year’s celebration but going on and on writing will be over flogging the obvious. We will let the event talk for itself. For five years we have taken this approach and each year the outcome has been both overwhelming and state of the art. This year we will do the same and will promise you, everyone gonna charge.

For logistic reasons we are including an entrance fee of 100kr for adults above 18 years old and for those below the age of 18, the entrance fee is free.

Trust us, you will be asking to pay more if you have a pin hole into what we have prepared for you on the day. However, we want you to enjoy your moment with us and as we come and go, we pray that the infinite power of God will protect every attendee until we assemble again next year to celebrate.


More blessings to you all.


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