Coronavirus Info and Update

Fellow Nigerians and our dearly cherished friends, we lend our voices to those of the experts who have given directives on how to behave, live, and progress during this difficult moment. There are many theories out there about what to do to avoid contacting COVID-19 but we want you to follow only the right ones.

As at today, the world has been in lock-down for almost 60 days but thank God, the lock-down is easing bit by bit. But it does not mean that we should let our guards down. No! On the contrary, we should maintain all the practices that kept us alive and healthy today, including but not limited to :

  1. washing our hands regularly
  2. Using sanitizers frequently especially when we have been outside for a while
  3. maintenance of social distancing rules
  4. coughing or sneezing inside our elbow
  5. sitting far away from someone sneezing or coughing
  6. calling the emergency number 1177 if we notice the symptoms of COVID-19, etc
    You can get more info on Swedish COVID-19 reports here.
    Get other world info on COVID-19 right here

Always call your brothers, sisters and friends to know they are ok. In times like this, the love we share, though not closely, is all we’ve got.

We will overcome this hard time. We shall come out triumphant because that is what we do. That is who we are – Overcomers.

While we wait for this invisible enemy to leave our territory, we wish all of us a happy midsummer and happy summer in advance.

Remember, “Only those that persevered to the end shall receive the crown of victory.”

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