Nigerian Union Västmanland Children’s day Celebration 2016

This is to bring to our special notice the NUV children’s day celebration scheduled to take place on the 28 of May 2016. We invite parents from our African neighbours to also bring their kids along. Our Union has a great interest in the future development of our kids but more so, our interest for their happiness at the present is Read More →

International Table Tennis Competition 2016

On behalf of Nigerian Union Västmanland’s executive and everyone of us, we wish to bring to our notice the International Table Tennis event, which takes place on the 21st of May 2016. The event is full of fun and special packages. Different countries received our invitation and their responses were super encouraging. In fact, all the countries that will participate Read More →

Hallstahammar Day 2016 football event

Nigerian Union Fiesta- champions

We wish to bring to our notice of the program for the Hallstahammar day celebration and football event. The event is a two day event with football taking place on the13th May while the othe activities including food presentation takes place on the 14th May. It might interest us to recall that at the same event in 2015, the Nigerian football Read More →

Information about NUV General Meeting

Fellow Nigerians! We wish to remind us of our upcoming general meeting.The date remains April 23 2016 and the Venue is the Union’s office , Köpingsvägen 65. The meeting takes place from 15:00 – 17:00 Our physical presence is highly demanded as maters of utmost priority to our union and its progressive existence are scheduled to be discussed alongside other Read More →

Ski February 27 2016 as it happened

On Saturday 27th February 2016, the NUV activity year kicked off with a lifetime ski experience. The Venue was Vedbobarken Ski Arena Vallby and the experience in one word is “iconic”. The ski weekend was better than any first-time-of-the-year event we have organised. It was, multinational and multicultural in outlook; it was individually super – educative and fun-filled, especially to Read More →

Winter skiing and picnic

  Fellow Nigerians, this is to inform us about NUV ski and picnic. It is officially confirmed that the ski event will take place at Vedbobacken skiing arena Valby. As has been the trademark of NUV to organise state of the art events, we promise this event will be nothing less. Since we believe so much in our partnership in Read More →

Nigeria Independence Day 2015 As We Remember It.

It was October 3rd 2015 and the time was 16:30 PM, the official starting time for NUV’s Nigeria 55th Independence Celebration.  If one judged from the attendees at this time he or she would have pronounced a premature judgment in what turned out to be a standout Independence celebration NUV has celebrated since her birth in 2012. Everything that happened Read More →

NUV General Meeting 2015

This is to inform all members of the Union’s upcoming General Meeting. The meeting is scheduled to update the members on success of this year’s activities and also to inform everyone of the next year’s activities. Meeting Schedule Date: Saturday, November 14th, 2015. Time: 15.00 ( 3 pm) Venue: Köpingsvägen 65 ( Union Office opposite ICA Sjöhagen) Further information on Read More →