NUV Children’s Day 2017

Nuv children's day group picture

Finally, it came to pass. The long awaited Nigerian Union Vastmanland Children’s Day 2017 was actually held as promised. Scheduled to start at 13:00 but started 30 minutes later because a new dance program was added to the program of the day at the 11th hour. Even before the official opening of the ceremony of the day, children from the Read More →

Here comes 2017 Activity Calendar

Sorry for coming up late with this year’s Activity Calendar. Most of the events are already done but there is still lots of fun to be part of. We hope you enjoy them all. Download and post it in your refrigerators so that you don’t miss any of the remaining events. More blessings to you all and to the works Read More →

Message from the embassy (Passport Applications)

There are new directives as regards passport application. The embassy wishes to advice passport applicants to apply for the 64 paged version as against the 32 paged version for the time being. The date for the 32 version to be available is not yet known but will be communicated as at when available. Do click here to read further details.

NUV Celebration of culture and talent 2016

The Nigerian Union, in association with friends and sponsors wish to invite you all to the 56th celebration of our National Independence Day. Date:  1st October 2016 Venue: Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Ånghammargatan 5 Time: 17:00 Gate Fee: 100 SEK Adults from 18 only. Fifty Six years ago, gallant Nigerian scholars, legal luminaries and intellectuals won back our National identity from the Read More →

NUV Multicultural Football Fiesta 2016

EVENT: NUV Multicultural Football Fiesta VENUE: Vallby IP TIME: 12:00 – 18:00 In style and near perfection, Nigerian Union Västmanland holds our annual international/multicultural football fiesta. Being the 3rd time we are holding this event, it has metamorphosed from just a two team event to 8 teams tournament involving six countries in active play and more than twenty nationalities of Read More →

Norrköping Zoo and Safari Trip As it happened!

There is no word to describe the excitement of this adventurous trip to Kolmården Wildlife Park. The Nigerian Union Västmanland planned the 2016 midsummer activity to educate the children on the varieties of wildlife animals and to show the importance of preserving nature in its wildest form. The 2 day journey started at the Mälardalen University, Västerås parking lot with Read More →

NUV Joint Tennis Competition as it happened

Cross section of NUV JTC participantsNigerian Union in joint gesture co-hosted a marvelous table tennis competition with Ghana and Burundi. Being the first of its kind only in paper, every other thing about the competition vastly indicated a partnership that will bring many positives in future. The opening remark was given by the chairman of the event planning committee who Read More →

NUV Hallstahammar day 2016 as it went

14th May 2016 was another day of pride for those present on behalf of NUV and the entire members of Nigerian Union Västmanland as we ably showed again our mastery of culinary activities at the 2016 Halstahammar day celebration.  The day before, NUV football team were harshly stopped at the 4th position on their way to the golden medal of the Read More →