NUV Children’s Day 2017

NUV mothers and children picture section

Finally, it came to pass. The long awaited Nigerian Union Vastmanland Children’s Day 2017 was actually held as promised. Scheduled to start at 13:00 but started 30 minutes later because a new dance program was added to the program of the day at the 11th hour.

Even before the official opening of the ceremony of the day, children from the Råby neighborhood joined with the Nigerian kids, male and female, in what later on became an unofficial friendly match. Because NUV is known for our open door polices especially when it comes to interaction with people from other culture, the children were ad hoc invited to the official celebration and of course they were treated with no less accord than their Nigerian counterparts. We recorded a number of children from different background as Sweden, Nigeria, Lithuania, Ghana, Cameron, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Angola, Mozambique Iraq, and so on participated in the event.

NUV Children's day Mascort

The Children’s day official opening remark was given by the assistant (Mrs. Anna the assistant financial secretary for the Union). She, in a very articulate manner called the children into action as per what the event of the day was and the various program marshaled out for their maximum aggrandizement.

Some of NUV executive members grilled the children in their warm up with a special method that was meant to get them warm up and perform the first duty of the day with relative ease.

At the end of the warm-up, the kids were served with fruits. The next program in the event agenda was game of football.  The kids played a seven aside football duel. Even though they knew that it was not a world tournament but they played with passion. The match ended with no clear winner or loser but everyone including the players themselves was satisfied.

NUV Second group Picture

The football event was quickly followed by the race competition. The kids were divided into two groups. Each group was positioned in either side of the playground. Each one ran from his or her side to the other end and shaking the hands of the opponent at the other side, who will in turn repeat the gesture. This went on until every kid has ran three to four times across the playground. You must be informed that it was not the initial plan however, it became the adopted plan when it was explained that the entire competition was more about making new friends and having fun than it was about winning.

To follow this claim with action, every kid received a gold medal in a miniature trophy ceremony. Yes! Everyone including the toddlers received a golden medal. The significant is that the NUV family want to instill in them the virtue of going for the ultimate price without compromising the demand to make friends and have fun.

Kids corner at the NUV children's day celebration

What followed after this was entertainment or rather further entertainment. The kids, likewise every other person were served with assorted types of snacks and soft drinks.

After the drinks, the occasion continued but at this time, the kids were given the open ground to interact with one another, run, play football, and of course dance to the blaring of afro and some kind of different music around the world . All without regulation.  Though it looked “unordered”, the judgment was the kids super enjoyed it.

Nuv children's day group picture

At about 17:00, the day was officially declared closed but the leftover of the Children’s celebration carried on till around 17:50.

The kids enjoyed the programs the NUV family lined out for them and we loved how they executed them out. We ardently await the repeat in 2018.

God bless you all.

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